Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the study of marine animal population abundance, seasonality and behavior using acoustic techniques. We develop new acoustic instrumentation and analytical approaches to improve our understanding of the ecology of marine animals and the impact of anthropogenic sounds on them.

John Hildebrand
Scripps Whale Acoustics Lab

PI: John Hildebrand

Researcher and Professor
(858) 534-4069 jhildebrand@ucsd.edu
Simone Baumann-Pickering
Scripps Acoustic Ecology Lab

PI: Simone Baumann-Pickering

Associate Professor
(858) 534-7280 sbaumann@ucsd.edu
Ana Širović
Marine Bioacoustics Lab

PI: Ana Širović

Associate Professor
(409) 740-4847 asirovic@tamug.edu
Marie Roch
Audio Processing Lab

PI: Marie Roch

Researcher and Professor
(858) 534-7280 marie.roch@sdsu.edu
Scripps Whale Acoustics Lab

PI: Sean Wiggins

Project Scientist and Engineer
(858) 534-4069 swiggins@ucsd.edu
Scripps Computational Acoustics Lab

PI: Kait Fraiser

(858) 534-8036 kfrasier@ucsd.edu
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Texas A&M University Galvaston Campus
San Dieog State University

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